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"The only guy I ever payed to take a lesson from. Nuff Said." - Dave Whitehill (Guitar World)

"Anthony's playing is an amazing hybrid of style and technique..." - Mike Varney (Shrapnel)

No Brakes Reviews
Voice Choice by Dale Anderson

It's gratifying to see so many Buffalo musicians setting their sights on wider recognition, but for every one that does, there are dozens which are overlooked. To cite an example, while the media has given a long-overdue embrace to saxophonist Bobby Militello...

Local record pick: "No Brakes" by Tony Scozzaro.

Elegant guitar riffs in a jazz/rock style. Scozzaro can pick with the best of them and dazzles with his guitar work on the title song, "The Numbers," and "On the Snake." The supporting cast includes Nick DiStefano, Bobby Militello, Bobby Jones and Jim Linsner. DiStefano shines with a vocal on the wistful "Hold On to the Wind."

'Brakes' launch Scozzaro; by KEVIN MICHAELS Weekend Music Critic

A very interesting package came across my desk last week: a CD entitled "No Brakes" by Tony Scozzaro. The seven-song disc caught my ear right away. Scozzaro studied guitar in a one-year program at the Guitar lnstitute of Technology (G.I.T.), which is run by some of the world's greatest guitar players...

Tony Scozzaro - "No Brakes" by Jim Hudnut RATING: VVVV

When I first saw Tony Scozzaro play, it was at Impaxx Nite Club as part of his blues band (Anthracite) opening the show for blues legend Albert Collins. Scozzaro's playing was intense that night and showed what a fine blues player he is. Therefore, when "No Brakes" arrived in the mail, I was expecting to hear some blues. Boy, was I surprised!...

Others Reviews
Albert Collins, Anthracite wow Impaxx by Jim Hudnut

As if the Collins show weren't hot enough, the festivities got off to a red-hot start thanks to the striking talents of Anthracite, a three-piece funk/blues outfit from Buffalo. Anthracite features Reggie Evans on drums, Rodney Appleby on bass and vocals along with Tony Scozzaro on guitar and has been together only six months.

Other CD and LIVE Reviews
Gamalon CD Review &bull 12/25/96 -Artvoice: December 25, 1996 by Dale Anderson

Exchange that spare Steve Vai album for the newly-released effort by the jazz-rock group Gamalon. They never worked for a big, bad multinational corporation, but they managed to hook up with Buffalo-based music mogul Lenny Silver. His Amherst Records label put out three of their albums...

Ernie Watts and Gamalon ready to tear up the town
by David Yonke Blade Staff Writer

ERNIE Watts is packing his sax and heading for Toledo, and jazz-rock fans are in for a treat. Watts, who will play Thursday night at the University of Toledoi's Student Union Theater, is an extremely versatile saxophonist who for 17 years was the lead reeed man with Johnny Carson's Tonight Show Band...

Gamalon Marquee @ the Tralf &bull 9/28/90
MODE: October 25, 1990 by Chuck Diliberto

Gamalon is probably the worst and the best kept secret in Buffalo. Anyone remotely connected to the Buffalo music scene has heard of the band. Their fans keep growing in numbers from gig to gig, they play weekly in the same venues, they occasionally open for nationally touring acts, and their albums are readily accessible in the Buffalo area...

Gamalon Marquee @ the Tralf &bull 12/30/96
Buffalo Evening News: December 30, 1996 by Jim Santella

Like the myth of the Phoenix, that mythical bird that would rise from its own ashes, the powerhouse rock/fusion band Gamalon continues to resurrect and redefine its musical and aesthetic message...

Local Cd's-Vets and Rookies
Kevin J. Hosey, November 9, 1998, Nightlife Magazine, Buffalo, NY

Gamalon,Live at the Tralf, Gertrude Records-- The longtime favorites of Buffalo's instrumental rock and jazz rock fusion fans and probably the best band in that style Western New York has ever produced (don't even suggest Spyro Gyra)...

Groove in Two Directions
Rob Falgiano, October 21, 1996, Artvoice, Buffalo, NY

A live CD has hit the mark when it makes you wish you'd been at the show, and Gamalon's latest instrumental fusion platter, Live at the Tralf, does just that. As most who have seen the group know, the level of musicianship is frighteningly high.


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