'Brakes' launch Scozzaro; by KEVIN MICHAELS Weekend Music Critic

A very interesting package came across my desk last week: a CD entitled "No Brakes" by Tony Scozzaro. The seven-song disc caught my ear right away.

Scozzaro studied guitar in a one-year program at the Guitar lnstitute of Technology (G.I.T.), which is run by some of the world's greatest guitar players. In September 1982, Scozzaro was voted Outstanding Player of the Year by students and faculty at the institute. In the years that followed, he took on a full list of students, whiie performing in various local groups. He's currently a member of the high-energy trio, Anthracite.

"No Brakes" is a collection of five living, breathing instrumentals and two songs featuring the haunting vocals of Nick DiStefano. Each instrumental song takes on its own distinct personality, from the hot funk of the title track to foot-stompin' blues of "Anthracite Shuffle." Scozzaro's fingers are magical on the fretboards, drawing you into each track.

The two songs with DiStefano - "Until Now" and "Hold On To The Wind" - are the kind of songs you'd hear on any radio station. What impressed me most were the lyrical quality and Scozzaro's intense guitar work in these softer settings. His guitar burns through "Hold On To The Wind," setting the song apart from some of the radio fodder currently rampant on playlists across the country.

If you worship the guitar, you'll instantly find "No Brakes" an altar you'll gladly visit again and again.


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