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For just $20.00, you'll receive an audio cassette and all other lesson material in the mail. You'll also receive *additional help from Tony himself, and exclusive lesson material available only online, and only to those who purchasse lessons. See table below for some lesson topics and material, then select from list and click REQUEST LESSON NOW!.

If you want a guitar lesson on a topic NOT SHOWN HERE, email Tony to request it here.


Some Lesson Topics and Areas:
Beginner ="B",   Intermediate ="I",   Advanced ="A"
Arpeggios  --A Blues Licks  --B
Chord Substitutions --A Picking Patterns  --I
Finger Exercises --B Popular Jazz Fusion phrasing  --A
Two Hand Tapping  --I Legato Licks --I
How to Incorporate Jazz into Rock  --I  Songwriting Techniques --A
Scale Explorations --I Soloing with Chords --I
Classical Techniques --I to A Classical Pieces (JS BACH, PAGANINI Etc) --A
*phone consultation limited to 1/2 hour.
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